Transforming Life Through Education
Educating the Future
Creating Life Opportunities
Kuwait Medical Complex Skardu
Scholarship Distribution Ceremony
Transforming Education
Transforming Education
Daar-Ul-Jabir Orphanage
Medical Camps
CRC Al Tijaria Nursing Home Lahore
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To foster community health and improve educational quality and access for creating a healthier, more prosperous and equitably inclusive society.

Building a world in which all members of society have access to healthcare and life opportunities.

Who We Are

Transforming Education

The Marafie Story & Legacy

The Marafie Foundation, founded in 1995 by the influential Marafie family in Kuwait, is a compassionate force dedicated to humanitarian efforts. Inspired by Sheikh Muhammad Hasan, a Balti cleric residing in Kuwait, they initiated a mission to Baltistan, addressing poverty and lack of education and healthcare in the region. The family’s philanthropic contributions, starting with health and education donations and evolving into a dedicated organization to oversee developmental work have already made a significant impact on transforming lives in various communities.

Strengthening Healthcare

Our Journey Map

Soft Launch of Kuwait Medical Complex

In 2023, we launched KMC, a first of its kind state-of-the-art healthcare facility in Skardu. With a planned 100 bed capacity, KMC offers top class specialist care, surgical interventions and round the clock emergency care.

Certification by Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy

Our PCP certification testifies to our compliance with important benchmarks for quality non profit operations.

Inception of Kuwait Medical Complex

2010 saw the launch of our mega project KMC envisioned to provide top quality doorstep medical care and treatment to GB residents.

Construction of Schools

Since our founding, we have helped to construct 372 school buildings across Gilgit-Baltistan.

Construction of Mehdi Abad Hospital

With Skardu located at a distance of 60 Km over rough terrain, the 20 bed Mehdi Abad Hospital offers essential healthcare to the locals. It is staffed with an experienced physician and medical staff, also offering  X-ray and diagnostic facilities.

Medical Camps

Scholarship Programs

Registration of Marafie Foundation Pakistan

Marafie Foundation Pakistan Founders

Mohammad Rafie Husain Marafie (1909-1976)

The Founder

Abdul Ilah Marafie

Chief Patron Trustee

Abdul Fateh Marafie

Deputy Chief Patron Trustee



Daar-Ul-Jabir Orphanage

Advanced Medical Facilities

Kuwait Medical Comlex Skardu

Working Towards

Empowering Gilgit Baltistan

(A Documentary by Marafie Foundation Pakistan)

Our Collaborations